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Spicy Arts Fest: Magayon 2011

Legazpi City – Artes Bikol Xpress unleashes in collaboration with Albay’s Magayon Festival 2011 more than thirty new locally-rendered paintings and artworks during the opening of a one-month visual performance exhibit from April 1-30 at the Capitol Atrium.

Held annually in appreciation of the works of Bikol visual artists, ABX launches the affair with the theme “Maarang”, a vernacular term to mean “spicy, hot, appetizing”. Different influences and strokes commanding colorful imagery, including sculpture pieces can be found in the art exhibition. Majority of the artists participating in the art showcase are member of the ABX, an independent group of visual arts professionals and apprentices whose works have already gone to as far as Metro Manila and parts of Europe.

Among the entries installed are works from the likes of Cesar Gueta, George Vibar, Eman Climaco, Archie Perez, Victor Medalla, Alain Llaguno, Vicente Ajero, Pop Sierra, Jun Almojuela, Marte Gonzales, Renato Jimenez and others.

Art curator/promoter/publisher/ABX president Apo Gonzales lead the opening rites with bottles of cold beer, cocktail foods and delicacies  catered for free to guests and visitors. Live entertainment from Jojo Abril’s group went retro. Other local musicians and acoustic performers also jammed the night.


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